Family Minsitry


Men's Ministry

By God's design men are the leader of their marriage and family. Even if a man is single he is still called to be a leader and protector of those God has placed in his life. Our aim is to raise up men who walk daily with God, love their wives, care for their children, and lead in the local church.

Women's Ministry

Contrary to what some would say, the Bible does not teach that women are less or more than men. Instead, God has made us to compliment one another. Our aim it to raise women who deeply love God, respect their husbands, care for their children and serve in the local church.


Student Ministry

Students have been given a time in their life where they can make one of two choices: serve themselves or serve God. We encourage students to see themselves not as teens stuck between childhood and adolescence, but to take the call to discipleship seriously.

Children's Ministry

Children are a blessing from God. Dads and moms are the most influential people in their kid's lives and we seek to enable parents with the resources they need to disciple their kids. We aim to supplement what God has designed to primarily happen in the home in raising godly children.